Links I Liked

  1. First, Listen to Wikipedia.  (h/t Blattman)
  2. While anti-poaching debates weigh the pros and cons of legalization and regulation of the endangered species trade, one organization is injecting rhino horns with drugs that poison humans (but not rhinos).  More here (h/t marginal revolution).  Could the same be done to elephant tusks?  Surprisingly little is known about forest elephants.  
  3. Your life on earth - how you and the world have changed since you were born.  (h/t Taylor M)

4. Last but not least, John Oliver slams Big Chicken companies for their heinous contract-farming-style treatment of chicken farmers. Said one farmer: "We need rules, and we need them now."  The House Appropriations Committee is meeting next month and may consider allowing the USDA to enforce already-written rules protecting farmers.